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May 25, 2008


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Barb McK

I like to walk in old graveyards, weird I know, but read on several old head stones, "Where I lay now, so too shall you...." I forgot the rest, sorta puts it all in perspective.


Well said! I recall too that little adage 'if you can't say something nice.....'
Seems so many adults never learned that lesson.


I'm just glad those women are not teaching my children.


Thoughtfully put, thanks for posting. I have a feeling that the people writing those comments don't know anything about homeschooling and don't care to. They probably show the same behavior on other blogs and websites. They just wanted to argue, in that juvenile way that juveniles find funny. I would venture a guess that none of them have a $150,000 job since they have time to sit around on the internet and insult people they dont' know.


Well said! I am a longtime reader and first time commenter here at your site. I love your words in this post. I sometimes feel myself being pulled into this as well. Not the mean-spiritedness, but comparing myself to the standard of the day; for example: I am not skinny/pretty/fashionable enough--I must do something! And then God reminds me of my worth to Him, and how these things are fleeting and matter not.


lol..I'm with Jen, the first thing I thought was, "Thanks so much for affirming my decision to homeschool."....


As a high school teacher turned stay-at-home mom, all I can say is that those women have jobs, not vocations. In my experience, teachers who were critical of homeschooling were very unhappy in their jobs. If I did not have a two room school house with a teacher to student ratio of 1:10 to send my boys to, I would homeschool. We will see what happens when they get to high school. As for what those women need, I would say a very warm and loving hug. Obviously they need one, or two...

Marcy Muser

Thanks so much for this post. I've linked to it on my blog as well. You are right to point out that those who must resort to ad hominem attacks are those who have nothing of substance to add to the discussion.


People are always quick to defend their choices by belittling those who make a different choice. I was once told by a homeschooling mom (I am not) that the difference between homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers, is that homeschoolers LIKE their children.
Read into that what you will.

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