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July 04, 2008


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Brenda Peter

Thank you Kim for such a "wise" post. I'm a big fan of simplicity too. I like to say we use the "KISS" Method - keep it simple stupid (being me). There is so much truth in all the "methods" you mentioned - CM, LCC, & Robinson Curriculum. Add to that TJed & Montessori. I also like to think in terms of "big rocks" which you mentioned math, language & faith. Works for us.

Donna Marie

I could kiss you! I am having such a hard time discerning balance with this pregnancy and our upcoming school year...the planning..the tone of the house and the pace of our lives...it is all changing. Thank you for giving me some good nuggets to consider...things to give me inspiration....THANK YOU!! and pray for me ;o)

Wendy in VA (now in MD)

Excellent post, Kim. Thank you!


A wonderful, yet needed breathe of fresh air. Thank you Kim.


Thank you for such an excellent succinct post Kim. I needed some focus in my planning- it tends to go forth on it's own into not very practical realms that waste a lot of time!

Have a good weekend!


Along with the above comments - THANK YOU!!
I particularly needed to be reminded about not overly focusing on the olders and neglecting the littles!
My almost 2 yo twin boys were sort of driving me nutso by the official "end" of our school year, but now that I've been spending more time with them I've noticed that their behaivour is really improving.


Oh, thank you for such a wonderful post!

I was convicted last year of the fact that I let my kindergartener fall through the cracks while I tended to the older ones. I caught on by the end of the year, and reordered my day so that the little ones have Mommy time FIRST.

Sarah Menck

Once again I'm printing, printing, printing all of your posts. Into my journal they go- your wisdom is invaluable to me. Thank you!

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