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November 29, 2008


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I cringed at the news, too. Libby was visiting a friend overnight so they could go shopping early. Though equidistant, they chose to go to the other mall, not the one where the death (and a woman miscarried, too--two deaths) occurred. We decided that next year, no matter how hard her friend pleads, Libby will not be her shopping buddy. Nothing...nothing is worth a tragedy like this.


You are so right! We are such a spoiled society. Very few of us really know what it's like to "need" something and not be able to just go get it!
I'm not a big fan of crowds so I don't like shopping on "Black Friday". People are nuts and would plow you down just to get a the newest gadget!
By the way, congratulations on the birth of Abbie Rose!!!

michelle waters

So very well said. I've never even considered hitting the streets on black Friday to buy "the latest greatest thing." I wonder how those shoppers will even be able to face Christmas knowing their cheap thrill cost a life.


I couldn't agree with you more. The sad thing is that none of the people who stepped on that man would say they killed him. BTW, the press release I read said the lady did NOT miscarry, though she was taken to the hospital for observation. Having given birth barely 6 weeks ago myself, I can only imagine how frightening that must have been for her!


I said almost the same the thing when I heard this news. Unbelievable, isn't it?

It makes the mystery of God's sacrifice for us even more of a treasure, don't you think?


Shopping on Black Friday? Totally nuts! I couldn't believe the news either. I much prefer the quiet night we had, watching nice homeschooled teens socialize, maybe next time you can come and bring Abbie Rose for us to drool over.


How needlessly tragic!
(And just to show how out of the loop I am, I just heard about it here on YOUR blog!)
It is a small circle, indeed. But I like to think (or at least hope) that the circle is growing wider. Though stories like this remind me that I may be kidding myself.


I have never shopped on Black Friday...the day after Thanksgiving has always been enjoyed as the day to kick back after the "party" and relax.

Yesterday was spent visiting with dear friends. Our children and theirs played tag and Hide & Seek, and after-dinner card games. We chatted by the fire, knit, watched the toddlers play and held babies. The men talked about tractors, hunting and the economy. The atmosphere was wonderful.

Our society has become one of isolation. The mass media allows people to know more about some celebrity across the country than
they know about the old lady next door who just had surgery. We consume rather than relate. 60% off a digital camera is worth more than the well-being of a fellow human. It is very sick, and we must guard our children from it. "Stuff" can be so attractive, but less so to children who learn to relate to others and enjoy the human interaction.

I live in a media-void, too. It is the best decision I ever made with regards to my children.

Sorry to go on and on. I feel so strongly on this topic. It is the antithesis of everything Christ taught.


I saw this report earlier yesterday myself. It also mentioned that they trampled a pregnant woman as well, although she was okay. I'll be going through the art supply area for my kiddies as well, but I have to admit I am a recovering mom who always felt rushed to get her kids the best stuff for Christmas. I'm ashamed to admit it, but the good Lord has humbled us this year in not having a lot of money due to paying medical expenses for our fourth child, but we are ever so grateful to have him running around two years later, kissing us and making a mess. That's all the gift we could ask for. The mud pies make me so sad. When I want to be envious of someone next time, I will remember that...


It is a pleasure being part of the small circle who enjoy quiet homemade living. You are so right about the time spent coloring. Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for framing this horrible saddness into something to consider for our own lives.


My sister and I do go out on these "day afters". Although we did buy, the point is more to spend the day out. I do not shop at Wal Mart, but went to Target and Kmart and some craft/fabric stores. None were exceptionally crowded. Until we went to Barnes and Noble--it was insane!

I actually jut popped in to say this post was brilliantly written.


I completely agree, with it all. I could not believe when I read that a man had been trampled to death for a deal at Wal-Mart. So very sad that humans act so ugly sometimes. Maybe eyes will be opened through his death?
I live in a bubble too, of crafters, home schooling, gardens and reading, drawing and games. I like to think the circle will widen but also know what is good for one, isn't always what's good for another. Humanity and caring is good for all, no matter if you enjoy staying home, or going out. We can care for each other no matter what size our circle....I hope to enlarge my circle. I enjoy popping in to yours.

molly mcgovern

I just heard last night. sadly my dd age 11 heard it at the same time, to which she stated," there is no way that could be true, people want toys more than they want to help someone". It broke my heart to have to tell her it was true. She woke up today crying over it. Indeed, it must be a small circle we move in.


I know! It's appalling, isn't it? This news cut through to us, too, in our sheltered little world. It's always so jarring to be smacked with these things that are foreign to us, but just part-and-parcel of the thought process of most of our western world. I guess it is good to know what to guard against, but I'm much happier snuggled in my cozy little circle with like-minded friends... IRL and internet (and ones that are sorta both &:o))

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