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April 16, 2012


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Lindsey S

Wow! What an awesome bundle! Thanks for the giveaway!


Looking forward to using Montessori methods with my little one when he is old enough as my mamma did with me. Would love to have some resources to help.

Becky Gibson

Hi Kim, I've never really tried the Montessori method in our homeschool. Always felt it would cost too much and take up too much space. I would love to try these books, though. My email address is marysmymom@msn.com. Thanks! Becky


looks great! Please enter me. :) I've enjoyed your blog over the years and would love to try these, as I've tried to understand and somewhat implement montessori's ideas over the years, but to no avail, as sometimes it just seemed like so much "stuff" and I don't handle too much stuff well...

Laura Dilanji

Hi Kim,
I would like to be entered in the drawing.
Thanks, Happy Easter!

Mary-Lynn Snyder

I was excited to read your review and would love to try this Montessori bundle. I am not really familiar with Montessori but it seems to be what we do at home everyday. Please enter me into the contest!
Thank you
Mary-Lynn Snyder


This sounds great. I am finding that 2 of my children, the 5 and 3 year old boys, really enjoy tactile learning. My big problem is that I am having trouble discerning which things would be best.
Thanks for the chance to win!


Oh how I would love to have these manuals! Thanks for the giveaway.


Wow Kim! Thanks so much for running this. I have a friend who will be bringing home two little girls from China in May. I bet she would love to use this. I will give it to her if I win.


Thank you for the offer! Love your blog.

shyla ann

eager and excited to start homeschooling this year...the Montessori bundle sounds wonderful! Thank you for your blog full of inspiration!


I've been reading Montessori for the last year and your post puts to rest all of the worries I have had about it (just more stuff that doesn't mean anything). The bundle sounds great!


What a great giveaway! Love your blog, but I have to work hard not to be jealous :)!

Inez M

I am very interested in the Montessori method and materials. This is a terrific giveaway - thank you to all sponsors. I would like to be included in this drawing.

Susan Barbella

The manuals will help myself and the children gain a more profound understanding of order and how critical yet natural to child development.
Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Rachel Cirone

Love the blog! I'd love to take part in the giveaway!

Devonna Klaassen

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about ... the draw itself, or the renewed inspiration I got from reading your review -- thank-you!

I'm working hard to develop a Montessori home that creates order and continual opportunity for learning, without turning 'home' into 'school'. I appreciate the challenge of stimulating my creativity while home on mat leave with a new baby as well! I just recently came across your blog; I'm adding it to my list of those I follow regularly!! Thanks again for this opportunity, and for sharing your thoughts with us!

Christina Daniels

Great review and generous offer.

Brandi Gandy

This would be awesome to have!


I have, for many years, been interested in both Montessori and Steiner based education. I would go so far as to say that I am interested in any paradigm, whether it be alternative or holistic, that places the child first, and I admire and respect any person who shifts mountains in their adult world in order to reconnect with both the child within themselves as well as the children that bless our lives. However, if Montessori were alive today, I suspect, that she would be amazed and perhaps perturbed at the fact that her drive towards understanding the soul and very nature of children (in many regards, motivated by her own personal loss) has amounted to the grasping of her insights, facilitated not only for economic gain, but has also resulted in the privatization of her pedagogy. This essentially defeats the very core of her philosophy, who she was and what she stood for. If it were up to me, I would be inclined to share Montessori knowledge with all who love it:)


I would love to win this bundle! I currently am working with 8 children at the primary level and this woud be a great resource for me.

Jennifer Smith

Great post! I completely agree with the fact that implementing Montessori without understanding it is stressful. I'd love to win this pack for my youngest daughter. Thank you!

Marnie @ Carrots are Orange

I definitely would love to be a part of this giveaway. I also want to say how much I appreciated this post. Your thoughts are precisely the reason I am getting my Montessori certification beginning this summer (at a Montessori Institute in the Pacific Northwest). We're hoping to homeschool our boys but at the very least integrate the philosophy into our home more effectively. So, thank you. Your blog is lovely. The images are gorgeous. Warmly, Marnie


Thanks for the giveaway! I've started seriously afterschooling using the Montessori method for 4 of my youngest (8,6,5,4) and so this would be a great help!

BTW- you might want to check out rafflecopter.com- it's a free widget that makes it really easy to run giveaways :).

Sandra M


my girl turned 5 recently and I already start panicking about our next step. We are using Montessori in a mix with Waldorf and CM, and I find Montessori far the best method for the Math. Thank you for such a great opportunity, much appreciated!



Wow your words really hit home to me. I'm drawn to Montessori for my son and think it is a good fit for his personality but not sure where to start. I myself get very overwhelmed easily so I find I just spin in circles and really could use a manual like this!

Kristin Gideon

Wonderful giveaway, would love to be lucky enough to win!


This would be so perfect! I've always been attracted to Montessori, but unfortunately you described me above! :( Fumbling through, accumulating material, but without the full picture.


I want to enter the comtest. I could usensome good manuals.

Kayla Arrowood

I love finding your blog!! We have been using the Montessori method "meshed" together with an eclectic feel for the last year and half. Our family would love to win this to help understand more of what we could be and learn! kevinkaylaarrowood123at yahoo dot com


I would love to win this! We are just at the beginning of our home schooling journey and I''d love to have some guidance. kc(dot)pagano(at)gmail (dot)com

Alnesha Wilson

Very interested in this giveaway!

Meave Dunne

Hi. I would love to win those manuals. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and these would come in useful. My ambition is to open my own Montessori School,one day, the manuals would be put to good use!

Kelda Adair

I would LOVE to win this!!!

Becky Ekholm

I would love to win this. I really want to do Montessori, but am finding it to be a little overwhelming to figure out where to start.


What a great giveaway. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Shelley Hufford

Thanks for your thoughtful review! Montessori Print Shop Materials are so affordable.


Well said! I wonder about it too sometimes, whether my eagerness in making materials for different activities leaves too much of a clutter for my daughter to be overwhelmed. Thank You for the chance!

Elizabeth Yeager

I would love it and struggle to keep the primary purpose of order and not so much "stuff". Thanks!

jodie driffill

I think these manuals would really help me to understand how to present the montessori method without being so overwhelmed with how to present it. I have always struggled with trying to create the "perfect environment" and putting so much pressure on myself. Thankyou for the opportunity

Holly Gomez

Lovely review...our journey the past five years and still going...


Even though I am an "experienced" Montessorian it is so nice to be reminded why. You have inspired me to dig out Maria's writing and remind myself why I fell in love with her approach. Thanks for the opportunity with this giveaway!

Kona Lynn Sankey

I would like to be entered in the Giveaway please! <3

akalolcat @hotmail.com


What a sweet blog entry! I too have noticed the proliferation of Montessori-style activities out there...thanks for reminding us about the foundations of Montessori learning.


Great post!!!! and an excellent giveaway. My email is msidor79 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Joan Criscuolo

This a fantastic bundle! This will be appreciated by the person who wins it!

Dawna Nifong

My little Montessori school really needs these albums. We hope to be able to add more homemade materials and these books would help very much!

Carolina Alvarez

Thank you! My journey started in 2008 and I am amazed and so thankful for the new resources available! including your blog.

Kellie Gambino

Love it.


Your blog looks great!


Your photography is beautiful! The bundle sounds wonderful. I love MPS's printables.


What a beautiful review. I'd love to win!


Thanks for the review and for sharing...both your thoughts and the materials. My favorite sentence is
"Develop peace and order in your environment and yourself."


I would love to be entered! Sounds like wonderful material.



What a neat giveaway ~ would love to win this for my little guy.


Me, please. Lovely photos of your kiddos at work! :)

Kristin George

I am a big believer in Montessori! I would love to win this bundle!


Completely agree with your observation of lack of focus on normalization process in modern Montessori schools and homes. A lot of emphasis is put on knowing and mastering the materials while often forgetting about the "theory" behind their usage and purpose. And why are we so afraid to mention the word spirit when talking about Montessori method? The concept of spiritual embryo pretty much describes the core of our nature and derives the method. How else can we get to peace if not working/creating from within our most sacred spaces accessible via full immersion/concentration in an activity and via silence?

Vanity Carranza

I love your inspiring words. Thank you for sharing.

Andrea hansen

I would love these manuals to help us in our journey at home.

Tanya M

I would LOVE to win!!!
Thank you so much for the giveaway!


Thank you for the give away! I'd love to have this bundle!

Desalie Lowe

These would be beautiful to work with my ASD kids.What a blessing.


I have been studying Montessori for over a year now and am amazed at what she did and how she truly studied children and how their minds work. She was an amazing person and her ideas could touch and change the world! We all have to start somewhere and that somewhere and someone begins with each of us.
Looking forward to meeting you in England! We live here and enjoy the opportunities around us.
(Oh, please enter me in the giveaway also!)


Wow what a great prize, would love to win this.


Thank you for this opportunity! What a great give away!


i have tried to use the rafflecopter above but it will not allow me to enter! please be sure i am in the system! thank you!

Heather Ryall-Young

Your words have given me renewed inspiration and direction. I already use Montessori Print Shop and have some individual teaching manuals for a few specific lessons. The entire manuals would be an incredible addition & help to me.


This is somethings I've been considering purchasing for quite some time. And I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly with your thoughts on getting yourself organized and knowledgeable before diving into the "formal" teaching of your child. Thanks for this giveaway!


I'd love to have these manuals. Thanks for holding the giveaway.


Would love to win this for my own children and group of children I have in my nursery school.


Thank you for the insightful review and great opportunity! I would love to win this!

Amy G

Great giveaway! I love Montessori. Also- your pictures are beautiful!


Hi, I would love to get for my little girl. We started the Montessori way of living and definitely this would boost our collection.

Inez M

Entering my email below

Lauren Shindo

These would be great for my classroom in Japan! Crossing my fingers....

Janet Lewis

Wonderful Blog...wonderful opportunity...count me in!


Hi Kim and MPS,
I am so delighted that you are giving us this opportunity to win this bundle. It would be of great help and support to me on my Montessori journey


Rachel L.

Thank you for this giveaway. We are just starting our Montessori journey. As I learn more about the process, I am amazed at how EVERYTHING works together. We would certainly appreciate the teaching albums.

Laura G.

Thank you Kim for offering such a lovely prize to someone! I love to see pictures of your kids doing Montessori activities.

Christel Teyssier

Thank you so much for this giveaway!! I live in France and Montessori materials are hard to come by. However, they work wonders for my 5-yr-old autistic son Esteban.


Thank you so much for your generosity!! It is always great to find someone who is able to share their Montessori journey and knowledge with others!!!!


I have been looking for a review of the Teacher's Manuals from MPS. I am so glad I found it. I love it and it sure would help us in implementing Montessori at home. Thank you for this chance.


Great post and giveaway

Rebecca Wolf

I appreciated your thoughtful review of the materials. Reading Maria Montessori has helped my homeschooling so much. I'd love the opportunity to read these manuals too!


What a wonderful giveaway. This would be a wonderful resource to have in our home classroom. Thank you for the opportunity!


I love your blog...thanks for taking the time to share with us! Would love these mterials :)


I have been introducing Montessori into my home with my two year old son. The amount of apparatus and literature out there is so overwhelming that one hardly knows where to start, thanks for the time and effort of this piece


Thanks Kim. Great post - wise words. Please enter 'us' on your draw.

Steph @ MomKaboodle

This looks fantastic! I'm always looking for more natural ways to teach my preschooler. Thank you!

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