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July 16, 2012


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Exciting! Now rest?

Karen Mahoney


Wendy in VA

Oh, my goodness! I can't wait to see more. :o).


So happy Tess and Abbie will have horses in their lives! :)
My girls have spent countless hours visiting the ones behind the house. Mae said their names before she could say her brothers'!


More please!


Wow! Isn't God good? He finds the lovliest places for you to live. And you don't even have to buy hay at crazy prices!


Oh how exciting. It sounds as if the major moving is completed? Maybe? I hope so, for your sake's! Will greatly enjoy reading along :-)


The major moving is approximately halfway through. The movers come on this end to deliver tomorrow. But there are still alot of things to be replaced due to different outlets/plugs and many things to master to be functional - like taking my driver's test this week. But it all comes to together one day at a time.

I am glad to enjoy the horses without the feed lol!

And yes, He has been so very good. I have been sharing with my kids about all the houses I have lived in - most of which have been demolished now. It's really quite amazing. This whole darn life of mine.


Wonderful. It's so cute she's named them already. I'm glad you're getting a chance to breathe.


Oh my! Fantastic!

You are living the dream!

Enjoy (and best of luck getting settling in).

Rodger Ciliberto

These photos are lovely! She found new friends, and she even gave them names. This place is so serene, like a scene from an old Western film. Oh! I love James Herriot novels, especially the one entitled “All Creatures Great and Small.” I admire him because he's a good veterinarian.

Brendan Amorose

The farmhouse seems so peaceful. The photo that shows the girl wandering the area indicates the place is safe for children like her. On the other hand, the third and fourth photos you’ve captured have a classic touch. I bet they’ll look great in my living room’s walls.

Darren Lanphere

The pictures are really nice. Who’s that girl in the picture? It looks like she’s really contemplating about the horses, huh? Is she fond of some other animals, too? Anyway, I’m excited for your other updates about your other explorations! :)

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