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August 05, 2012


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Beautiful, Kim. And thank you thank you. I feel that it cannot be overemphasized: the internet and all its attendant appendages is a fabulous tool: a tool with addictive and damaging qualities. Should we erradicate it? No! Do we need to be mindful and wary and chaste and circumspect in our usage? Yes!


Yes, yes, and yes. A little while ago I made the commitment to never be online while nursing my baby, and I just mentioned on my blog (yesterday!) that it has made a big difference for me. It also means I'm online drastically less often, which is ALSO making a huge positive impact in my personal, emotional, and family life. I have no doubt that copious amounts of time online wreaks havoc on my emotions, especially on my post-partum emotions.

Thanks for the link. Have a lovely week!

Amy Caroline

This has been on my mind a lot lately. I am working on weaning myself. I actually have stopped blogging and cut the service to my smart phone. BUT then I realized I still could use my smart phone with WiFi. So, that was not a big help. I turned it off and it is hiding in a drawer in my room, lol.


I have been the "techno-watchdog" in our home for years. I will continue to be. The line between "tool" and "recreation and/or distractive decvice" is so very subtle and blurred. Our kiddos have to earn their time, and it usually averages 30 minutes every 10 days or so. I cannot tell you if their lack of time on the computer creates more desire in them to have it -- or if they would crave it more if they had it more frequently. Let's just say, I'm not willing to find out. ha. :)


Kim- I am just rereading Simplicity Parenting. You and I have discussed the time online issue in the past. I can tell you, when I am not connected and only use the internet as a tool (when I actually need it as opposed to when I find myself chasing someone else's dreams) EVERYTHING runs more smoothly. Add to that the research you site and the example I am setting and I am glad to say that I have drastically reduced my online time. (Now to maintain that reduction.) Of course, staying settled into a homeschool routine is essential for me. I have been able to justify (to myself) lots and lots of lost hours "researching curriculum."
I am in another simplifying mood. Even the books are getting another go-around. I really see so much value in maintaining a smaller number of really great books. I would rather reread fabulous books to my daughter over and over again than read those really boring picture books that you just cannot wait to finish (and then want to hide). And really, how many reference books does a person need?
As always, I continue to be a work in progress. I am finding the simplifying is great fun (when it is done)!
And I cannot end without saying again how much I LOVE your new home and surroundings. I hope you will continue to provide glimpses as you are able.

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