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January 11, 2013


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Is that the Diary of an Edwardian Lady in the top photo? We've gotten that from the library before and I love it. I really need to just buy it. I love to come here and see your pictures and all the interesting places you get to see. I'm a little land locked in the Midwest right now. I also loved the music you had playing. Have you taken that off or is it my computer? I know that sounds weird, but it was such a nice mix of tunes!


God wrote on my heart to look for you here today, my old friend! Was thinking I might hear from you at Christmas. Your photography and site seem to be maturing like fine wine or vintage fabric - deep, rich , as beautiful as you and your family are.
We are experiencing Germany this year as well.... with a German exchange student. I told you before our years in Europe were wonderful.
So guess by now you know this is your old homeschool friend Teri.... so glad I thought of you today! Write!

Melissa Steele

Loved these pictures - took me right back to our homeschool/family days. Thank you for sharing!!

Melissa Steele

Oops, just realized that last night I posted under the wrong post - it was supposed to be on your most recent post, "Quotidian". :)


Your dishes! Love :) ... you have the same set in red, no? So lovely. And the book, as Sharron asked, Diary of an Edwardian Lady?

With your pictures, you are going to wisk me away to England where me and my five children will be on your door step for a visit! Beautiful :)


Yes Chris, and in blue.... ; o I have fewer of the green though. I am thinking of buying some plain white plates so I can fill out the colored transferware. And yes to both of you ladies, that is the book. I bought it in high school back in the dark ages. It was from an ad in the back of Victoria Magazine and I thought it was a personal journal. I remember opening the package with great anticipation and thinking hmmmph. WHAT is this supposed to be? So it sat unappreciated for many years until we began homeschooling and I realized I had one of the few copies of this gem until it was in circulation more widely again.

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