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February 21, 2013


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I'm sorry, but you've been out of the States too long. It is all. about. the. cupcakes.

Did you really think you could post the description and the pictures and NOT the recipe???????

tsk-tsk-tsk patiently waiting........


I found these recipes which were the inspiration but she assembled parts of them into a new recipe:

Looks as if there are a dozen ways to make these. I know she used the Dutch process cocoa base and a peanut butter-y homemade frosting. You can fill with mousse or caramel. She used a combo of chopped candy and caramel so they wouldn't run or soak the cake base.

Wendy in VA

Oh. My. Goodness. 13-yo-son wants to know if we can buy some. LOL


2. I would love to see that when you get a picture! What a treasure.
3. Have you seen The War of the Vendee by Navis Pictures? We love it.
4. I totally get that it's not about the cupcakes, and love your expression 'solidly out the gate' regarding that blessed time when we watch our young ones take off like so. (the cupcakes look fab too, of course ;-) )
5. Applies to the spiritual life as well and reminds me of the CS Lewis quote, something to the effect - never judge anyone because you don't know what they were like yesterday, or last year, or a decade ago...
6. I'm not on Pinterest but I love your analogy to admiring a Rembrandt. Doh!

Have a blessed weekend!


OK - the cupcakes just look divine. I have printed out all the recipes. Can't wait!
I love Pinterest. LOVE it. I also appreciate your Ira Glass quote. So true...so true.
OK...now to bake!


Thank you for sharing those scrumptious cupcakes!

And that Ira Glass quote is priceless. How often we do this! Especially little musicians, right?

Precious elderly lady...I hope you find the picture of the chart!

Thank you so much for sharing, Kim.


Thankyou for the quote and the recpies Kim.

#6 "thats how my brain works" - we must be like minded people ;). Wanting to make a "very hungry catterpillar quilt" oh the inspiration on there!. Infrastructure and there is that too...

Tip for Alanah while you are in the UK. My MIL is an amazing cook (10 children and 8 boys later....) she produces these scrumptious cakes for birthdays. I asked her how she does it and replied "english cake recipe and american icing/frosting" I thought it might be worth passing on, and then again, it might just be an "Aussie thing".

Kathleen Basi

I was thinking the same thing as Paula about those cupcakes!

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