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December 08, 2015


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I love the thought of you winging the Saran wrap (sorry you cut yourself). I have spent most of my married life trying to "cook" my husband's love. His mother cooked, his grandma cooked, and so I cooked. If I had back even a fraction of the time I've spent at the stove -- well, I could do something great.

This past Sunday was the last straw. It was supposed to be family dinner and my husband invited his mom as well. I made ice cream the day before, cake in the morning, homemade bread, and was in the middle of two side dishes when first my married son texted -- texted! -- to say they weren't going to make it -- they were too tired to come (to eat a dinner someone else prepared -- I don't get that), and then my mother-in-law texted (again -- texted!) to say she had a headache and she wouldn't be coming (and if I had a nickle for every time that happened I could have eaten a lobster dinner out). I told my husband that's the last family dinner for quite a while, and we are going to be eating a lot more simply around here. I just have to learn how to do that.


Amen and amen! A beautiful post I needed to read.
Blessings, Darla


Such a wise mama you are! While cooking is my thing, my sister-in-law despises it. I tell her how sad it is that she doesn't properly appreciate food, lol. Like you, she doesn't care much about eating. We were discussing this together recently. Why should she feel obligated to bring food to a get-together when she will be taking pictures the entire time, going home to edit them and then gifting them to the crowd? That is her first love and strong suit. Use the gift God gave you!


Oh Kim! I'm so sorry for your angst but being able to change your attitude in the face of all that frustration is a total victory! You know, those Saran boxes are enough to be the last straw for me just on their own (sans wet dog and sunken cupcakes). I love cooking and baking but funnily enough, a similar thing happened about 16 years ago when I was also making a dinner for a family with a new baby. I picked up gyros for them from the food court at the mall (so I applaud your flowers and sparkling cider generosity). Just the other day, (after her daughter's 16th birthday) my friend mentioned remembering that meal and how much it meant to her... even though I couldn't tell you what the specific cause of the kitchen frustration actually was anymore.

Wendy in VA

"The festive red plastic from hell..." ROFL! I wish you lived nearby; I'd cook for you, and you could craft for me. :o)

Lori B

"It is torture to be tied to the kitchen mixing and measuring when we could be reading or walking or crafting."

This. We're a whole-foods, make-from-scratch family, and I do not enjoy one moment of it! I've been told I'm a great cook, and get requests for various favourites, but it's a struggle to convince myself that it's worth the time it takes away from everything else. But, I have a son who is studying culinary arts and always the top of his class, and he says it was my cooking that sparked his interest in food. So there's that :/


Oh dear, I'm the opposite, most of the time. Baking and cooking usually do well. Craft projects often leave me blinking back tears or swearing. :) But I press on because I want to make things, I just try to stay within my very small borders of ability. Very small. Thanks for sharing this story.

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