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We are Kim and Allen, Traditional Catholics and parents of ten awesome children, five of whom are now adults. Before retiring from active duty in 2005, we travelled around the world with the USAF for twenty years. We then found our ranch on the high prairie of Colorado. From there we shared our adventures (and occasionally our misadventures!) in homeschooling, natural foods, animal husbandry, handcrafts, music, travel, home birth and whatever else we got a notion to try.

In 2010 we relocated to a beautiful village in Germany with our 7 youngest children and a whole new chapter in our lives began. Two years later we found ourselves across the channel in Merry Olde England. Three years after that we transferred to the foothills in Utah where you'll find us now.

It has been a merry ride. Come along and share the joy. Oh and just so you know, I occasionally share books and things that we are enjoying. Since I participate in Amazon's affiliate program they send me a nominal credit from purchases that originate from those links. That helps me buy more books to talk about. : )