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October 28, 2006


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Kim, so glad to hear you are back in the house---what an adventure! It reminds me of the blizzard of '78 when my parents, us six kids, Uncle Bobby, and a kerosene heater all lived in a tiny bedroom for 3 days. We kids thought it was great fun, but I'm sure my parents thought otherwise......Stay warm!


That's amazing. Sending you warm wishes along with Diane!

Alice Gunther

How incredibly beautiful!!! It is amazing to see all that snow. We happen to be in the middle of a furiously windy rainstorm here.

Karen E.

Oh, my gosh ... glad you are all safe. The pictures are beautiful.


That is impressive! I am glad to hear you are all fine. I hope your livestock weathered it OK as well.


Heavens! I didn't realize it was due to a snowstorm...I thought it was a thunderstorm!

I'm so glad that things are back to normal...praying you all stay warm, dry and well-lit. {{hugs}} Dani

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