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October 25, 2006


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Beautiful notebooks!
Here is a very basic scrapbooking question--for a real novice who has no interest in scrapbooking but has interest in creating a lovely home notebook.
Question--once I print the labels--how do I cut the labels so they look "not cheesey".
I have seen the cutters that you use with the templates--is that what you use or do you have and incredibly steady hand?
If using some sort of cutter for ovals does not work I could always use the straight cutter and cut rectangles.



Hi! Beautiful notebooks!!! You referred to articles and lists and whatnots for the notebook. Are these things on your website? Do you have suggestions for these?

How amazing that God is using you to inspire others while you are in nesting! God's blessings to you!



This is such a great idea and thank you for the detailed instructions!!!

Hey, if you get a minute (LOL) stop by and check out Quinn's Autumn/Creation lapbook...we finally finished it. Thanks for all the great links. {{hugs}} Dani

Niama Perrotte

I would like to create my home binder. I will use these microsoft word documents parts.

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