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November 06, 2006


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You are gorgeous! I am short too so I know exactly what you mean.

Rebecca B.

You look radiant and beautiful!


You look amazing! I just posted my 30 week picture, and I look enormous. I can't believe that I have room to grow any MORE!


Hey, I think you look great. Pregnent bellies always make me smile, so thanks!


Hey, I think you look great. Pregnent bellies always make me smile, so thanks!


Lookin' good girl :)


You're right...I would say stunningly beautiful would be a more accurate description of your next few weeks, much more accurate than simply pretty. You've got the glow.

Cherish these days, you lucky girl!


You look great! I'm short, too, though, so I know what you mean. When I was 33 weeks pregnant with my twins I was so ENORMOUS I could barely even walk!


You look awesome!!!

Account Deleted

You look wonderful!

Donna Marie

Oh Kim! You look soo radiant! I know you will be great from here on out...

I am short ..5ft3...the last baby I had was 10 lbs 8oz...she was on my diaphram. I took the deepest breath when she came out..made the staff laugh. I had no where else to put her except in my lungs! LOL!

I hope you are feeling well these days! Prayers for your health and comfort!!


You look youthful and radiant. I love baby bellies! Thank's for posting.


Kim, you are lovely!


Oh my goodness, you are SOO gorgeous, what a great picture!! Pining for baby number 5 here....


So beautiful! :)

Karen E.

You are beautiful! I'm short, too ... I spend the last three months of my pregnancies hearing "You're due any moment now, aren't you?" :-)

Alice Gunther

You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

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