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November 04, 2006


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Donna Marie

Wow Kim! Can I come over and glean all this wonderful wisdom of yours? I have gotten away from reading more about Weston Price type meals..I REALLY want to do this more. I was just telling my dad about this very thing this morning as I was showing him how to brew EM's.

I also want to learn more about using more natural remedies. I only know of a few and I do so want to treat the kids, my dh and myself the way we ought to be treated for every kind of ick that comes our way.

I am sooo very visual and I know that putting together lists like these in a pretty binder will work well for me. I am an organized homemaker veeery slow in the making.

I have to chuckle about so very many of your posts as I was thinking or starting so many of the same things...some would say it could be slightly scary...but I won't...I say it is the Holy Spirit laying out some exclamation points to get my attention...LOL!

I just started this week getting up with dh in the cold recesses of the morning and giving him a warm yummy meal. It is amazing the effect on BOTH of us. We NEED this quiet time of circling the wagons before hitting the day with a firm purpose to fulfill our mission! :o)It is just plain good sense to affirm we are on the same team! ;o)

Josie Edmisten

All your notebooking journal helps are beautiful THANKS! What does NT Menu mean. Is that NON-TOXIC or what. I always want to do the best for my family but we're doing rather well and I'm inspired to eat better always though. No food colorings, high fructose corn-syrup etc in our home. I was just fascinated in your NT menu how you FERMENT things and soak FLOUR? and other things. Seems weird since i don't know what NT means. Please advise!
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