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November 13, 2006


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well, you already inspired me by your earlier post to try my hand at making a redwork quilt for my MIL for Christmas. I imagine that we are both stitching at the same feverish rate - Christmas seems awfully close at the moment! :)


Ok, you are so darn crafty. What fantastic ideas!!! Thank you, thank you!

Katherine in TX

Everything you posted is lovely, but I especially like the Pomander craft. I did that one as a kid and completely forgot about it. That's something that all of the kids can definitely join in on. Thanks!


Thank you for the great ideas! Also, I just posted my Homekeeping binder on my blog. Thank you again for all of the downloads you provided, not to mention the lovely ideas in the first place.


Great ideas here! I'm listing your dipped spoon and and mug idea in my Christmas plans right now. Thanks so much. Blessings to all at your ranch, kristina

Jenn Miller

Lovely ideas...a wide range and simple and not time-consuming. A visit to your blog is always rewarding!


Wonderful ideas, Kim! I love the pomanders, how funny that I mentioned that myself today. And the candles are beautiful. I also like the bookmarks. I think we will do a Bible verse for my daughter to give out. Great ideas. I'm so glad I stopped by. I hope you are feeling well.


Oh I love all your ideas, they are all so lovley, and doable!! I wish I'd done something for this Fair, but alas, only so much can be done!! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.


I really liked how you tied the Little House chapter into the post. That chapter is so powerful. I probably only read it once at best twice as a child and I can still remember it. It is nice to know that we are approaching that chapter in our reading of the book. My little one really has no interest in the Long Rifle chapter. Oh-and I love the candle idea. I found a local maker of scented soy candles and the sticker idea will be a perfect compliment.

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