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December 20, 2006


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Remind me to send you pictures in March!!! Lots of people around here do their own sugaring, just with the trees in their yard or around their property. I hear you need about 6 good sized trees to do it, and we have 4. We've been sort of poking around looking for more in our treeline. The only problem is the fire has to boil the sap day and night, and you have to have an enormous amount of sap to get a little bit of syrup.

Many of the saphouses around here have pancake/maple syrup breakfasts during the month of March. Unfortunately we didn't make it to any last year, but this year since the babies are older I'm hoping we'll have the chance! Good quality maple products are a real perk of living in upstate New York. Until I moved here I had no idea what maple cream even was, and now I know that it was one of the finest luxuries of life! ;-)


How interesting! There is a chapter or two on sugaring in Farm Boy too.

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