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January 18, 2007


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My grandmother would love to have you as a granddaughter. She adores red! Wears red shoes and carries a red purse all the time. :) Funny...my grandfather had red hair so they became known as PawPaw Red and MawMaw Red.

But her house is painted green and her kitchen is a cheerful sunny yellow and her living room is quaint brown.

What a fun subject.


Nothing is more cheerful than that red in wintertime!

I just posted earlier today a few shots of my own house colors. As much as you love red, I can't get away from yellows, blues and greens...


What a cool post. I'll see if I can do it, but the flash on my camera might be dead. I think my favorite color is navy blue, but the color scheme that we'll be doing around the kitchen, dining room and living room will probably be amber, rust, dirty green...fall colors.


I MUST have those shoes! They are darling! Do you know that I have brown navy and black shoes in that very style? Other than boots, they are the only style shoe I wear (Mary Jane)! Do they have an open or closed back?

I love the red around your home. I am going to try to get some shots in the next day or so when there is a lot of light and post mine. This is fun, thanks for doing it.

Rebecca Mielke

Hi! I got here via Meredith's blog.

I don't even like red that much, but I have a pair of shoes that color and I love them. And now red is just a really great accent color.

I'm too lazy to do your project, but it wouldn't be hard for me to find 10 pictures of pink things on my blog (it's all about clothes.)

Fun! I love color! :)

Sherry Early

I love red and purple, not necessarily together. I want to have red countertops in my kitchen someday, but the rest of thr family says it's too much red.


Your red finds are so funny! Thanks for sharing. Now it makes sense why I have so much blue and green (and yellow with blue sometimes), and when I think of it, I have trouble finding other colors for decorating that I prefer. I love to wear red - everyone says it is my color. I found you via Meredith at Like Merchant Ships. :)

OK, If you will tell me where to get those shoes and what they are called, I will be even more grateful! Thanks!


Longtime girlfriends won't be surprised at this but, new friends, hold onto your hats lol! My shoes were thrift store finds this week. Brand new and never been worn. $3.99. gotta love it! ; )

Ann Y

What a shoe find!!
I remember when you posted that you bought red applicances, but I have to say the picture says it all.


*grinz* That was a lot of fun!



'LOVE that washer and dryer and the shoes are gorgeous!!! I'm usually a pastels person, but I'm rethinking reds (after seeing your cheerful pictures) and earth tones with blue accents (my mil's favorites.) Our house has lots of yellow, gold, pink, and coral with some green (both sage and hunter.) I love florals and Asian prints.


I love red too. I love the washer and dryer!


Kim, I love all your red things. Here is my link:


I think you'll like the colors : )

Alice Gunther

This is a brilliant and creative idea, and the photographs are perfect.


This was fun! I put up a post at http://angelaboord.typepad.com/three_plus_two/2007/01/color_carnival.html. (By the way, I'm a red person, too :-)


Help us out...where did you get those shoes?

Jennifer F.

What fun pictures! I just discovered your blog and find it really interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


Oooh, I love the red!

Tara L

I love red, too, and bright green. I was shocked at myself when everything I picked out for our new home was brown. I do have to say that a much-needed dish dryer for our counter ended up being red. My husband thought I was crazy b/c nothing else in our kitchen was red...until I picked out our curtains. :)

Tara L

Yes. I'm posting AGAIN. :<) I wasn't able to before and now I can. Anyway, I saw this on Joann's website and wanted to share. "Did you know red's the perfect color to welcome your friends in style? Where did the phrase 'red carpet treatment' come from? From 1902-1967, passengers boarded America's most luxurious passenger train, the 20th Century Limited, on a plush, crimson carpet. The phrase 'red carpet treatment' still means giving guests service they'll never forget." See. You're not a color snob. You're being hospitable.

mrs darling

I joined this late. But my color theme is up now!


I am way past late, but found your post from Rebecca's blog. Can you please tell me where you found your dinner plates? I had them growing up as a child and have been trying to find them for years. They would match my red-accented kitchen so beautifully and bring home warm childhood memories!!

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