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January 21, 2007


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These look fantastic! Perfect for my hands on learner. I've put a bunch on my wishlist at paperbackswap.com and Amazon! :)


Did you find these at Mardel's? If so, I'll have to take a trip there soon. Thanks for sharing this neat idea.

Donna Marie

I have been using these since spring of last year! We use a lot of them. I have centers for the older ones and the younger ones..(and for my almost 4yo that wants to be a big kid and do school his way...LOL...the ones for him keep this little guy out of the big kids' hair) and the ones for my 6 and almost 8yo really work out well for them doing work while I have to work with the older ones! Since we have quite an age range I need all of the levels going.

It is like this...we have structured and kinda unstructured work. The Evan Moor Center books are great...I just keep the kiddoes moving around the room on different activities ...sometimes they work in pairs and sometimes independently and school time has definitely been more fun and interesting for all of us. I keep three or four centers available at a time to keep the pieces parts under control. They pull out big trays to do the work on to keep things together which helps my very scatter-the-pieces minded 8yo ds.

Anything you want to know? You can view the whole book online at http://www.evan-moor.com/ Just click on the individual center you want to look at and they have a feature to look at each page!

I feel that working with a lot of these centers have helped fill in some gaps I had in my curricula because of some little things I couldn't get to...like with the Language Arts Centers.... The only ones I haven't seen are the Math Centers.


We have a store nearby that sells these. I bought some of the language arts books for my oldest. They are easy to assemble and are a big hit here.


I'm a member of the teacherfilebox.com. Quinn still doesn't like to do any type of paper work, and the twins Calvert, but I do use the Evan-Moor materials for our homeschool co-op classes.

Hey, we finally got some snow yesterday!!!!! love, Dani


How cool is that? After switching over to a work-plan last week in an effort to help the older kids be more responsible and self-directed in their own learning, I spent much time looking for Montessori materials for geography.

I don't like re-inventing the wheel, and I like the idea of geography command cards for the older kids. Then I came across a post by Donna Marie on the 4Real Forums about the Take Home Centers.

I really REALLY like the Evan-Moor viewer thing to page through the books before you buy. I wound up purchasing the same center book that you got. I spent yesterday evening in front of the Patriots-Colts game with my cold laminator, center book, and paper cutter creating the first center.

The only thing that would've made me happier with the center book was if it was downloadable! I hate having to wait for my shipments. We also have been using the Evan-Moor History Pocket books for adding interest and projects to the study of American History.

Donna Marie

I really love coming here, Kim! Thanks Dani for the reminder for the teacherFileBox site. I was just looking at it last week. I decided to take the plunge and I am sooo happy with what I have found. There is so much to choose from...I have a few ideas for making the centers a little more cost effective for me. I hope to put a blog post up about it later. You can't beat the first month's cost..just .99!


I'm so glad you found a good set of materials that aren't so crazy expensive. The pocket folders sound handy and comprehensive in scope!!


We have the geography one the level below yours. The boys love it!

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