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January 24, 2007


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31 Girl

I love, love, love these dvd's. I started these after my daughter was born in February and I had lost 20 pounds by the beginning of summer. I was just thinking about starting them up again but I think I already packed all the videos up in anticipation of the big move....happy walking!


Errrm.... dumb question... but does the DVDs require a treadmill or is a walk on the spot with weights? I can't figure out how it works. *blush*


First off, let me say I'm really enjoying your blog.

These videos look very good. Are they relatively low impact? I have issues with an old ankle injury and sciattica so I have to be careful...


I have used these off and on for a few years now and can tell you that they are wonderful. They are great for losing weight or just relieving stress. Very low impact, in fact, she is great about showing you how you can change something to make it more intense or less intense. No equiptment is necessary; you just walk in place. She uses a stretchy band in some of them, but my wrist doesn't let me do it, so I just do the arm exercises without it.


I just realized that the ones I have are the Walk Away the Pounds Express. Not sure if the Express is different from the one Kim has siince I don't think any of mine call for hand weights, just the stretchy bands. I have done the 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 4mile Super Challenge and the Walk Strong DVD.


Good luck, sweetie!!! I walk (and have walked consistently for the past 4 years) 6 days a week for 40 minutes. I just walk back and forth in a loop from my kitchen to the front living room...and my house is very small. I started doing it years ago when Sean's dad left. I couldn't leave Sean by himself to walk outside so I just started doing it in the house as a way to get some exercise and walk off stress. *smile* love, Dani


You have an amazing figure, period, let alone for a mother who has loaned her body to 8 precious little ones over the years (does Tess make it 9?) I think it's wise for mothers to pick a workout you can do at home and can stick to it over the years. (I love Dani's idea of walking inside her house!!) I started doing a Denise Austin tape (mostly body sculting stuff--I call them my vanity exercises...)loaned by a friend right after college, memorized it, and I still do it in front of the TV in the evenings when I am being good. Of course, I should pick up some cardiovascular exercise...do these tapes get your heart rate up?

Donna Marie

Hi Kim!

I am using this one...just got it to try out from Netflix. It is really the only thing I can do so my overextended abs can heal from all of the traffic they have seen...lol

I can highly recommend Losing your Mummy tummy (there is a video and a book and a splint too) for getting that muscle separation healed if it plagues you like mine does. My back feels so much stronger since starting them just this past week! I am feeling younger already...haha

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