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April 30, 2007


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Wow what a week for you guys. I must say though, you are looking great for an old lady!! :)) Seriously, dear friend, congratulations on the kids and I hope next birthday is a BIT less eventful! :)

Laura Guiang

Wow Kim! What an exciting week. I understand how you feel about turning 40, and the slowing down with babies, it's a sad thing to except but you still have many years. I enjoyed reading your blog today, and the title was great, made me laugh.


Amazing - all of it. That storm really was a doozy for you guys. Nothing here but it dumped in Castle Rock, too.

Happy belated birthday and we would love to get down to visit those adorable kids - uh, the 4 legged and 2 legged kinds - haha.


Happy Birthday!! Congratulations on all the new farm babies! :)


Happy Birthday!
Love the names of the kids this year and that storm - what a kicker!

Tara L

First of all Happy Birthday! I have to agree that you do look more like you're in your 20s! I keep saying that I miss the CO weather b/c I'm not enjoying our humidity + heat here. However, after reading your blog, I'll have to rethink how to word that from now on. More goats = more goats milk, right? What a blessing! I'm trying to talk Robbie into putting a goat on our 2 acres so that I can have fresh milk, but I don't think I've sold him on the idea. :)


Please God, can I look that beautiful when I birth triplet goats in a snowstorm with no electricity on my fortieth birthday? Please?!? :)


What a wonderful post! Everything from the snow to the ditched cars to the baby goats and your birthday!!!

Happy blessed birthday! :)


Happy belated birthday Kim :)

Cheryl M.

Kim - wishing you a very happy belated birthday! Beautiful kids you're holding there! :)


That was one of the most interesting and exciting posts I've read in a long time. :-) I just can't imagine all you went through. Makes me feel like I'm city all over - which, I guess I am. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you have a wonderful life!!!


Happy Birthday!!! I at first thought that you might have a grown-up daughter who was 20-something...then I realized it was YOU! I'm not kidding! I know it must've been rather stressful with all of that going on at once, but it was a really really good read! Thanks for sharing all the details, I truly enjoyed this post! Take care :)


By golly, Moira's right...you DO look 20!

I'm stunned by the wreckage down your way. We never saw a snowflake. So glad you're back on the power grid.

Barb McKillip

Well, you did say we had the last storm didn't ya??! I'm SO glad to be back to sunshine and power!! Not wanting to be a pioneer that bad. Happy Birthday....40 isn't so bad, just a matter of perspective! ;) The goat kids are way too cute!!

Cay in La.

Happy belated birthday, my friend.

You are a stunning 20 year old. :)

Mary Jo

Oh how I enjoyed reading this! You look like your 19 in that picture! With a half a century staring me in the face, I can truly say it only gets better. Happy Birthday Kim!


Oh my, what a read! (And I just finished reading the Earth Day one too -- unbelievable, some people.) Happy happy birthday to you, though late! What a week you've had. Wishing you many many more happy birthdays...

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