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June 27, 2007


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"If you are a parent, you ARE the curriculum."

I *love* this. I'm going to write it and post it on my fridge!! It is so true.


Gee, Kim, are you a fly on the wall and talking to me???

With love,


Amen! And thanks for the call to prayer. I am reminded here about the dear lady who had 22 children and when crises erupted would sing and pray--God, put this into practice in my life!


Alice Gunther

A brilliant, brilliant post. I am going to be pondering this for a long time:

"If you are a parent, you ARE the curriculum."

(I see my wise friend Amy picked up on the same gem!)

Barb McKillip

I am understanding this post more than you can know! We are able to rise to occasions that we were previously sure we could not handle. God is good, his mercy in infinite and I rest in the palm of His hand.


Wow! Is God speaking to me DIRECTLY through this post or what!!! Thanks, Kim!


What a convicting post! "You may have been created for such a time as this." This message keeps hitting me lately...much to think and pray about here.

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