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August 20, 2007


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When I read this post, my first response was " You too?!!" I knew you started off Waldorf but didn't realize that you were refocusing on its application. Funny how Rebecca is doing the same thing. I've been experimenting with Waldorf these past year and have been loving it! So good to have you along the journey. :)


I loved your post, but especially the part at the end about not adding ON, but adding MEANING to. Yes!! This just answered a question I have been pondering for awhile - how to do all this rhythm, love, beauty, etc, without adding more clutter, more business to my days. Meaning! Focus on "adding meaning to". Thank you!!


A great reflective post. So much food for thought here. Thanks.


This is a beautiful post. Thanks for putting together the fair.

Cheryl M.

Beautiful post, Kim, just beautiful! :)


I have been feeling too tied to the blinking computer screen this year too, and the cute little printable lapbooks seem rather stifling for my dd, too small of space mandating certain particular info...time to break free an be creative!


Can we come to your house for school?? What lovely insights beautifully said!

Theresa ♥


Thank you so much for adding me at the last minute this morning.

You have quite a post here... lots to think about.

August is leading into my favorite time of the year too so I agree with this... "There is a momentum that builds steadily from now til the new year. It is a golden season indeed". I feel like a child with all the building excitement over the new year, change in seasons and wonderful holidays to build memories with my children and spend with family.



Thank you so much for this glimpse into your life. It is so helpful to see how another mother with a large family and big age spread lives:)

Thank you so much for putting the loveliness fair together.

I'll be back for your Friday posts;)


I agree with you - the opportunity to draw and write every day, for sensory work and beauty, is so important...Thanks for hostting the fair!

Donna Marie

Thank you Kim, for sharing all of this...I too have been reading more into the artsy things that Waldorf has to offer and I am so intrigued but I still am not totally getting the nuances of how it would figure into our learning. I still have much reading to do...How I wish I could have someone explain things to me in a gentle way and SHOW me...like I was 5. I really feel thick headed lately ;o) I REALLY want to add meaning to our days...meaning on purpose every day! Much of our learning days have become rather stuffy and box-like and lost their creative edge...and I have (at least) 2 dc who very STRONGLY need to be creative for inner peace...I gotta get on the ball...;o) If you were only going to have one or two books...what would you recommend?
You also mentioned that you wanted to follow the Avilian system...we did this last year and will continue with it, but you mentioned binding the weeks work...what do you mean by that?


I so love this post, Kim. It's beautiful and your thoughts are beautiful. This is so where I am at right now and our first week of school has begun so blissfully because I'm in this frame of mind. It's a nice place to be. :)

Thank you for sharing. I'm copying this to put in my "Happy Folder".

Jane Ramsey

"There are incredible resources but there is a fine line between planning and escapism and too often we homeschool moms find ourselves on the wrong side of it."
Wow, that's a powerful quote, Kim...very true, too.
Great insights! Thank you!

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