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August 20, 2007


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Thanks Kim -- for someone who is STILL planning, this is WONDERFUL food for thought.


WOW. This is huge!!! Thanks for putting it together, Kim!!!


Wonderful job, Kim!! Thank you for taking what must have been a huge chunk of time to put this together!


Kim, this is fantastic, and I can't wait to sit down later to read through all the links! Thank you for hosting! :)


It's wonderful, Kim. So glad you got so many great entries (and thanks for taking mine "sight unseen.")

Jane Ramsey

Kim, this looks wonderful!
I can't wait to read it ALL...and I'll be thinking of you on our "Alphabet Fridays", too! :-)

Barb Mc

what a list!! I'll be reading and thinking all week, thanks to all the contributors.


Awesome work, Kim. Looks like I'll need a longer coffee break this morning.


Cheryl M.

Kim - such a wonderful fair... it will take me all week to digest and follow the links! thank you :)


Kim! This must be the most popular Loveliness Fair yet! Great job, I now have much to think about today. :)

Kristen Laurence

Whew! Beautiful job on such an important fair to all of us. I love how you detailed the individual entries, including quotes. Thank you for putting it together!


Kim: WOW! This is really HUGE. I guess we ALL like to plan huh?
(I am kinda glad I started reading early today!!)


Oh, and the links you had problems with?




You had an extra set of characters in between the f and r of fridge :)

Margaret in Minnesota

More gushing from a former Fair hostess, 'cause I know how much work you must have put into this!

And you did it with such finesse and humor, Kim. This is a lovely fair and fittingly so.

I just pray for the grace to not be too too overwhelmed by all the great ideas here. I think that's a real risk for us homeschooling moms because truth be told, we're not homeschooling because we lack ambition! The risk is that we have too much. ;)

Grace. All is grace.

Have a blessed year, everyone!


Enjoyed looking at your blog. Will come back often. Have a blessed day!


Thanks for hosting, Kim! I thought I was done planning, but maybe I'm just never going to be able to say that!

Suzanne Temple

I just love all the energy here! Terrific fair, thank you.


Wow! I can't wait until I have a few hours free this weekend. This looks amazing!!! Thanks for hosting. You did a great job!


Oh my gosh, I just love your blog! Very inspiring. Thank you!

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