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December 21, 2007


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Your story telling abilities are amusing even if your life itself isn't always. I hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas regardless. I'm not even sending out e-cards. :)


Oh my! You've had quite a season. This story is wonderful and you may even find it funny in a few years. I wish you a wonderful Christmas.


You have no idea how encouraging this is. I am in the nauseating first trimester of my third pregnancy and Christmas is staring, glaring at me, not to mention the cooking that needs to be done still.
I hope your ironing gets done and things settle down for you.

Sara Kay

You have a great story to tell, Kim. I admire your ability to keep your perspective. Hope you all have a PEACEFUL weekend. :)


Oh I have been reading your thoughts for such a long time but this is my first comment. I SO understand where you are at. Things were going well here until I was so ill I couldn't get off the sofa for nearly two weeks. Recovery was short lived as I went down with a virus that has left me exhausted. Did I mention I was pregnant? My husband is incredible at picking up all the pieces that are falling to the ground but even he draws the line at finishing the half made Christmas presents. Advent readings and activities to focus on Jesus have fallen away, leaving me wondering what this time is all about. Well, today in the middle of a child sized crisis and snuggle I knew that God is with us even when we don't do all that good stuff. He is always with us. Thanks for sharing your real life. May God bless you in your ironing!


I read the whole thing, Kim. (Bleck!) :) Just kidding...

I prayed for you the whole time I read but, like Dawn, I'm so glad you recorded it all. You'll enjoy rereading this next December. :)


You are so awesome. God is good, isn't He? He gives us free will and then keeps bopping us on the head until we see Him.

molly mcgovern

I am grateful to you! Rebecca told me I needed your post, she was right!!

Blessed Christmas to you all.


{{{hugs}}} Merry Christmas! love, Dani


Oh gosh! I knew some of this story but not all. God bless you dear! Well, you know how we celebrated Advent this year. *laughs* And thank you for answering the phone when you could. It always has been a blessing.


Bless you, Kim! I know it WAS beautiful. We just have to remember what she said: FIAT...

Kristen Laurence

Our Decembers resembled each other in many ways, but I have yet to post about it. I love your perspective. We mothers couldn't make it without a sense of humor. Merry Christmas, Kim!


I now understand the look on your face when Nick said he liked the Christmas card!! Too funny - well, for us more than for you...

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