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April 08, 2008


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Brava! Well said!!

Wendy in VA (now in MD)

Yep! :)




What an awesome summary of/take on all the power discussions that have been going around lately!

(Greater minds?? Whose?) :)

I've really enjoyed your series of posts related to this subject. Following your thought process and description of your experience has been enormously helpful.

I think you're really on to something when you describe the desire to "find a niche" or a label...and that is so not the point to what I'm trying to accomplish in choosing to homeschool! How easy it can be to become sidetracked over such things... At least in my case, I blame my own insecurity--mostly a fear of being judged and a desire to be able to answer all those weird looks I get from the "normal" crowd with something succinct and intelligent.

Succinct: What this comment is not! :) So I'll stop here. But thanks for such great food for thought!!



Well said, Kim.

If there is such a term, I think "complementarist" could make a good label the next time you need one.

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