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May 16, 2008


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Kim! I'm so happy for you! You are in our prayers.


So happy for you!!! You are right... absolute perfection!


Congratulations!! What wonderful news!

Margaret in Minnesota

I never, ever, EVER get tired of seeing this image. May our good God bless and keep you throughout your pregnancy. I will hold your family in my prayers.


Such a tremendous blessing! You know we are praying here for your small Fry. :)


Oh, how wonderful!!! Congratulations, Kim!I am so happy for you!


Congratulations! You and your perfect little one will be in my prayers.


Oh, how exciting! Congratulations! I love that ultrasound visit. It is when it all became real to my younger children when I was pregnant with my now one year old!

Paula in MN

Oh, joy, joy, joy! What wonderful news. Congratulations!!!


This is some neat news! I will pray that Our Lady watches over you both, and the rest of the crew.


Oh I was so excited to see that little photo this morning! Congratulations! I will pray.

Mary G.

Oh Kim! This is fantastic news ... prayers heading your way for a safe and healthy pregnancy ...


Congratulations Kim!!! So wonderful!!

Anne McD

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Congratulations!!



Barb McK

I thought so!! :) Congratulations, I am a bit (ok, alot) jealous. Prayers for a healthy, safe, journey for the newest baby.

Jennie Lou

What a wonderful announcement to wake up to!


Congratulations, Kim!

Carmen L.

Congratulations to you! Come check out my blog for some similar news! When are you due? I'm so excited for you. Will I see you at the conference?

Maria Ashwell

How wonderful! Many prayers for you and your perfect baby.

Suzanne Temple

Yippee! Congratulations! How fantastic! Those clear ultrasound pictures always remind me of a beautiful sunset. The picture is of someone so small, but the beauty of it seems more than enough to fill the sky. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Michele Quigley

Oh how wonderful! Congratulations! Best wishes and prayers all around.


How wonderful. God bless you!

sara kay

Congratulations, Kim! So happy for you...


God bless you, Kim and family!


Wow, congrats to you all!! Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy all the way through :))))

Cheryl M.

Congratulations Kim!! :))



Tracy Q

God's incredible work never ever ceases to completely leave me in awe of Him! What a BEAUTIFUL baby indeed!!!! :-) Rejoicing with you all on this new blessing!


Congratulations Kim and Allen, what wonderful news!

Amy Caroline

So happy for you!!! Congratulations!


Much much MUCH congratulations and blessings! You can already tell that he/she has a beautiful profile. :)


Congratulations! What a lucky baby! :-)


Congratulations!!! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy.


Congratulations!!!!!! I am so happy for you. love, Dani


Congratulations, Kim!!! God bless your dear little one.

Mary Ellen Barrett

What an utterly lovely picture. Congratulations!


Yay! Congratulations, how exciting! :)


Kim, absolutely blessed news! Congratulations on this darling baby.

Wendy in VA (now in MD)

We've been away and I'm just seeing this -- how wonderful! Congratulations!! :o)


Huge congratulations and prayers for a healthy, happy pregnancy.


That is a great picture! Congratulations on your new little life!


Praying for you, Kim. Congratulations.


Awesome news! How great is our God!


Congratulations on this most wonderful, blessed news! Glory be to God who does infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.

cindy b

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I am thrilled for you and your family!

Laura Guiang

What a beautiful little person. Congratulations.


So happy for you!!!

Alice Gunther

Oh, I missed this!!!!!!!

Congratulations! Beautiful news!

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