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July 09, 2008


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Would you mind sharing what worktexts you are using or have used? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the fast response! Wow!
I'm wondering when do you look over your children's completed work? Do they show you as they complete it? Or do you have a set time each day?


pssst....now you know you have to share your list of wkbooks! And you thought you were finished LOL!


I second the request for more info on your worktexts. Also, I linked to your planning post and I'm getting comments on my blog, so to respond, I need to ask a question. How long does it take to set up the system in the beginning? It looks pretty easy to me. I'm thinking one afternoon to pick up any needed supplies, one afternoon to make copies of the weekly work, if you're doing the whole year ahead of time, and one afternoon to put everything into the appropriate folders. Then, once a week, you would move that week's work to their binders. So, that's at the most three days to set up and one afternoon a week to maintain. Is that about right?


Sandy it is not even that. Honest! I got a box of hanging files and some milk crates when grocery shopping at BoxMart The next day I sat down and made the labels. That was about 15 minutes. You can see I just used crayons - no cpu fonts or anything. If you divvie up the books all at once you can plan on an hr I would estimate, depending upon how many under 6yo 'helpers' you have lol. It takes all of 5minutes to load the binders after that and most kids could do it themselves if you are presorting. I recommend using the least number of categories possible. (ie my critical thinking stuff goes under math and all grammar and reading comprehension go into 'language')

Give me a day or so and I will get some more favorites posted but if you scroll all the way down the left sidebar you can find a good number. Thanks!


fwiw I always check as the work is completed. It only takes a minute that way and we can catch any problems right off the bat. We follow the routine Calvert School taught us many years ago - have the child bring you the work before beginning and articulate the directions. If they are on the right track then off they go. I hate grading and paperwork in general so doing it as we go is best for me.


Thank you, Kim for the extra info. My thinking is that at the end of the week before work is moved from the binder to the file crate, it should be checked by me first. So, nothing moves to the crate that I haven't looked at. I have to tell you that we picked up crates today and pencil boxes. I liked the idea of each person having their own supplies this year. We brought it all home and the kids proceeded to fill their pencil boxes, label their folders and set up their binders. This afternoon I'm hoping to print a few things for their mini-offices/page protectors. They're excited and I'm looking forward to a peaceful year of school. I'm getting off the computer now to enjoy this harmonious circumstance while it lasts. :)


A hint from my student teaching days - if you're disassembling many workbooks at once set up a table saw to cut the bindings off quickly and neatly. If you have a table saw and a large family this might be helpful. :)


Yes, please give us more information and for what grades they are used. Thank you!

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