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July 12, 2008


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I included basic phrases and words in the foreign language they're studying and Roman numerals. I'm trying to do as much as I can during the summer as well, knowing that once school starts I will not have very little planning time. I will try to post today about my progress.


Hi, I am enjoying your planning posts, thanks so much for sharing. I have a question for you. We also do alot of reading and this year my 13 and 15 year olds will be doing the same reading. Have you found a way to work this with out having to buy 2 books. I usually just try to flip flop books between them....but one is a much faster reader then the other. Do you assign book pages at all or just let them go. Any ideas on this area would be so appreciated! I am trying to think of the easiest way to make this work!

blessings Alisa

Donna Marie

I love hearing about what you are doing...I feel a huge pull to change our focus a bit this year and I am trying to feel my way into it. Knowing how another family of many does it gives me some kind of idea of do-able inspiration...even if it is of the "we are going to try this new thing this year" variety. chances are you have tried quite a few things and have gleaned some wisdom here and there along with your new grey hairs (and don't look who's talking about going grey ...wisdom dear! It is alll wisdom, I tell ya! ;o) lol)

I know the maturity jump of my clan this year makes me want to think deeper and smarter but not harder. I know that in the next two months I can pull something good together that will satisfy all of us but I still can't figure out the exact path yet. I would love to know what things you use that you like or work for you...

what kind of things have you found to be of little worth or time wasters...what is the best bang for the buck (or time spent) in your eyes?

what kind of workbooks you like to cut apart and why.
What oop books do your love to grab and hand down to the next in line because it is worth re-visiting....
what are your favorite books to keep on your shelves and what do you ditch...after all our homes and shelves are only so big after many homeschooling years and....get my drift? ;o)

just some random thoughts...

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