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October 21, 2008


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Dr. Pepper?!? Nuh uh!

Congratulations to Allen on the marathon. I hope you all had a nice trip. Hotel stays are always so relaxing to me as there is so little to keep track of.


Congrats on Allen's great time! I'm not sure how to react to the Dr. Pepper in cereal, though... (oog) You weren't in Denver Sunday, were you?? I'm sure we'd 've bumped into you at Mass if you were!


Go Allen! You da man.
I love the photos of the littles. My goodness, they are cute. I want to squish them!(in a good way of course) Didn't realize Tess was so light haired! I've got to come see your little dollies.


Looks like a great vacation! Congrats on the marathon...amazing :)

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