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November 08, 2008


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Great remedies. I love hearing about what people use for natural remedies. I've never heard of the hydrogen peroxide for ear infections. I've used breastmilk and garlic mullein drops with great success. When the breastmilk is no longer available I'll have to change my remedy though! LOL


I had never heard of a Netti Pot, but we have been "snorting" salt water for years -- ever since my ENT from childhood confided that that's how he keeps from getting everything his patients bring into the office. He does the nose wash at least three times a day, and says that he rarely gets sick. When I remember it I start doing the wash from the time the first kid gets a cold.

We also use lots of garlic. I cut it in tablet sized pieces and swallow it. You just have to be careful not to over do that, and I don't recommend it on an empty stomach. As soon as any kid complains of an achy ear he or she gets a peeled garlic clove stuck in it (just make sure there are no cuts in the clove, so that juice doesn't get on the skin). We have not had a single ear infection in our home since we started doing that a couple of years ago, and believe me we had lots of them before that. A couple of my kids got my bad ear genes it seems.

Those are our two favorites -- so easy and really effective.


I sought this post this morning as it seems everyone is getting worse instead of better after two weeks. My husband brought us the GSE and we all had a bit in our juice this morning. Thanks for the tips.


Use much of what you do. I don't do a nasal rinse, but use a zylitol nasal spray during cold season. I haven't tried Zicam (kind of pricey), but I use a combination of ionic zinc, vitamin C, garlic and echinacea at the onset of a cold, and it often nips it in the bud. My kids don't handle tablets well, so we don't use GSE much, except for sterilizing our milking equipment (we must get some in our systems, as we don't rinse the jars after sterilizing). I use deodorized garlic, as I am very sensitive to the smell of it coming out of someone's pores! And hydrogen peroxide, if you can stand it, is a great gargle for a sore throat. Yes, it fizzes and foams and will make you want to gag, but I have fought off severe sore throats with this method. Good post! Thanks for sharing.

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