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January 15, 2009


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Great minds! Rebecca and I were composing simultaneously. We have discussed these issues many times over the past months which is why there are so many similarities in our posts. We really believe what we have share.


Thank you for this thoughtful post ! I will hang on to the link for the future, so it will be handy to pass on to others.

SIMPLIFY ... that is something many many homeschool students and homeschool mom's could benefit from.

Grace & Peace,


Kim, thanks so much for your post. I look forward to your post on notebooking. I appreciate this thoughtful post.


Simplify simplify simplify!! Thanks so much!


It has taken me several years to learn that as much as I love to hyper-organize everything, I don't need to do so in order to teach effectively. I have also had to learn my children's individual learning styles--the way in which I taught one to read did not work with another. I am learning at least as much as they are, it seems.

A wonderful post. Many good points to keep in mind. Thank you!


Kim, this post and the links are helpful to me. I have been struggling with the schooling lately. I need to make some changes around here.


This post is loaded with wisdom! As a mom of 3 out of homeschool, doing great at college and beyond, I agree entirely with this post. We now have 9 and if I had done anything but the bare essentials (just remember the 3R's) I wouldn't have been able to take care of the babies. Outside of the math and composition each day our kids just READ great literature. Lots and with pleasure. In the end it worked great. Incidentally, I'd say that if the kids are the ones learning, and mom the mere facilitator, they'll end up knowing more than us! That's how it is at our house--of course I have the wisdom. lol.


This is such a wonderful, encouraging post. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience!

Amy Wick

Your post is exactly what I needed to hear. I've been feeling for a while that we aren't doing what we "need" to be doing for school but your post helped me see that we are doing enough. Thank you.



Great article;)Thank you so much for sharing, I am pondering and processing. Thank you{{}}

Donna Marie

Talk about Great Minds!
dh and I were talking about this for the past week. A new normal seems to develop in our approach to school with the birth of every baby. I have been praying about balance in all things...school, chores...etc...
Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You have given me many things to think about. {{{{{HUGS}}}}
Kiss that sweet babe for me, will you? :o)


Thank you very much for this post, Kim. You've answered all my questions!

And I'm feeling a LOT better about what we have been doing around here too.

Wendy in VA

Thank you so much for this post, Kim. This (and Rebecca's) is exactly what I needed to hear.


Kim, You already know what a big fan I am so I'm being kind of redundant. What an excellent and very needed post. We enrolled our oldest (9th grade) in Seton 2 months ago and have the younger ones doing bits & pieces of Seton along with Latin. I told my dh that after 10 years of homeschooling I feel as if 100 lbs. have been lifted off my shoulders. Finally, I'm enjoying sewing again! Pretty nightgowns for our little girls!


Ditto to all, Kim. For me, having a few special needs dc has made me focus on the basics, and everything else gets covered under the "Life" file. Kids with airway issues tend to make you say to all the busyness- "airway first, everything second", and I am grateful for that prespective.....The "second" stuff works itself out somehow, without a magificent pull off from me. Thanks be to God perfection isn't in my job description!!
Having a child with learning issues, (dyslexia and ADD) also keeps it simple. Focusing on the basics, and filling our lives with good stories, good people, good Liturgies.....
Send me this post when I start to get rattled, so I can read my own words, okay!?!?!


Great post! Thanks for putting it all in to perspective so well!


Great essay! I wish I had had such thoughtful and wise advice when I was a new homeschooling mom. I cannot agree more with your advice on math. I have learned much from my mistakes, I am pretty sure my kids will be alright even though I used them as guinea pigs in one big experiment. :) I have gone from unschooler to a basic curriculum driven teacher. My school days are much more peaceful these days. And you're so right, life lends itself to myriads of experiences. The homeschooling way of life is awesome, and I wouldn't choose differently even if I could do it again. Well, I do still have a few years left to teach here don't I? :)


Amen. I so love the theory of unschooling and unit studies and hands-on-learning. But they're too hard to incorporate with any regularity with a large family. I totally agree with you on the importance of predictability for the children ~ but have also found out that with all the unpredictability in our life of many pregnancies, sick babies, etc, the kids hve made out very well just by having an overall atmosphere of learning in the home. Encouraging them to want to learn levels out a rocky playing field!
Awesome post, Kim!


Just starting this homeschooling journey, I often see a mountain ahead of me, but your reassurance encourages me. I don't HAVE to spend hundreds a year on cirriculum. I can still mother babies & teach. Plus, I can still share life experiences & consider that part of my child's education, though they may not be sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. THANKS!


Thanks, Kim, for a very thoughtful and encouraging post. It was just what I needed to hear, as I am considering our plan for next year.

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