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June 04, 2009


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I love this post. I always feel that maybe I'm not doing enough. Especially when I get around other homeschooling ladies that are constantly running and have their children in all sorts of activities. I'm looked at strangely because I didn't sign my kids up for VBS. I could site many examples where I'm looked at strangely, because I'm not frazzled with outside activities.
Oh, and I have the same pink milk crates in my middle daughters room for her books.


"One homeschool mom confided the other day that she felt almost guilty because her days have been running so smoothly. Instead of reveling in that harmony, she wonders if that means she ought to add more. That is a feeling many of us have had. We shouldn't."

I can really identify with this! When things are going well (and they often are), I find myself thinking, "shouldn't this be harder?" So I add something, or some-things, we find ourselves spinning out of alignment, and I'm back to square one.

Thanks for the reminder to slow down and savor each day- to do a few things well.

Donna Marie

I actually had a beautiful day...it was HARD but we did it...it clicked...it worked...I did it all without chocolate and I survived and was AMAZED. I kept my hands holding on to my chair when I had the urge to go print off another thing or find yet another book. If I had done that, we would have lost our rhythm. I kept my mommy-notebook handy and just kept noting things instead of jumping around. I did the fastest clean of the main areas of the house before we started without looking at the clock (this is not only for baby-safety but for mommy-sanity) I concentrated on doing some things very well and I will just do the things we didn't do tomorrow with the answering machine on. I mentored them like an iron hand in a velvet glove...to quote the guy at Home Depot...lol

I love my job. It's not easy, but is a sweet struggle for sainthood.

I love your ideas...I WAS looking for some printable number pages...I have been putting everything into binders lately to make things last from one person to another. If I had only been this organized 8 children ago...

And! I love your model. Where did you find him?
gotta go...the baby wants to eat the smallest brown stair...lol a hands-on guy that gets into his work....

Tracey (Connections)

Thanks, Kim.

Susan (Taffy)

Thank you for writing this as it was something I really needed to hear today.


you'd think after almost 10 years of homeschooling i'd know all those things already! but i don't. and i am glad you shared them. my favorite bit-"do a few things well." and with that you have left us with some great things to ponder over the summer. thank you.


"be the change you want to see in the world."

It's so funny - but I actually quoted this same quote to myself today - trying to remind myself that what is *most* important is how my children 'feel' about themselves & the world ... and only after that should there be space for the 'what' of 'what we know'. While I so strongly believe in education I know in my heart that the PRIORITY must be *piece of mind*... if I am overwhelmed by everything I trying to do/be/create for them & my energy & patience and wisdom are undermined by that then I am missing the whole point.

Thanks Kim for helping to strengthen my resolve.

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