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July 24, 2009


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Wow, thank you so much, I never really thought about it that way before. Although, I think many days that I am snappish are actually because I am overwhelmed with simply the affairs of "my state in life" and no extra. Sad but true!


Hi Kim,

I don't have a comment about your post (other than to say that it sounds eminently sensible to me)- I just wanted to say that even though I don't post much I am still reading your blog and enjoying your posts as much as ever. :)

Love to you and yours

cindy dodd

Good stuff to read.


Loving these sentiments. Remember reading Pearl's book years ago inspired me to travel along the gentle path. It has been greatly rewarding.


Thanks, Kim, this is good to ponder!


Thank you for this. I really needed to hear it! I'm with Amy. Sometimes it's not the "extras" that are stressing me out. Sometimes it's my own lack of organization, and lack of faithfulness in dealing with the things realated to my "state in life" in the way that I should. Thank you for giving me much to ponder and pray over.

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