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July 07, 2009


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Donna Marie

I am printing....
(I found out I need a 'binder of reminders' to keep my mind focused...)
Thanks again, Kim! :o)


Kim you post a lot of good stuff here. This one is great. I'm off to order the book to read and ponder quickly before school starts again!


That sounds like a fabulous book! Even just the small bits you quoted give much to think about.


I am so glad you blogged about this book. I just checked my local library and I was happy to see that they actually have it. I'm picking it up today!!!


y'all - I just want to issue the disclaimer that while I thoroughly enjoyed this book it is important to note that most families will not have the resources this one had to throw at the education adventure. Further, I don't think it is necessary. Neither do I consider the Ivy League to be a litmus test for success. Enjoy this well-written story for its fascinating and insightful perspective but do not feel compelled to replicate their methods exactly.


Hilarious! I'm reading this book right now! Loving it though I can't read more than a chapter of it without having to sit and ponder for at least a day!

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