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July 30, 2009


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Donna Marie

I was just praying about this...pretty shiny things..they get me alll of the time.

I am planning out my school year. I am missing the passage of time with each one of my dc...the boys really are the hardest...but i am learning. I need to be simple...to make eye contact with them and connect with them.
So, here I am...spending all of my time making things simpler...easier to see...easier to put away...so it's easier to spend time doing for my children the things that will help me connect with each of them better.

Is this what it is like to grow up?? I am smiling for some of the things I have been wrestling with are resolving themselves into smaller workable parts....schooling, dishes, laundry...whatever. Wisdom is moving into our learning spaces....both mental and household. Wisdom is welcome in all of its completeness and fullness and I want her always as a guest of my heart.

Tracey (Connections)

You have an amazing ability to distill information and comment on it. Thank you for sharing.

I had not thought about the wasted time and energy with the free things. Wonderful points!

Tracey (Connections)

Kim- I just had to come back and comment on how information overload can apply to everything! I just researched (not for the first time) baby slings and wraps. WAY too much information out there. It felt like madness looking at all of the (often conflicting) opinions.

Happily, I stopped myself from researching and I ordered something.

I remember this same feeling with my first child- reading all of the "how to" books actually made it MORE difficult to parent. I was so busy reading that I did not allow my natural instincts to kick in.

Sigh. To have all of that time back....

At least I can make better decisions in the future!

Take care.

Laura Guiang

This would be a good article to read each year after you make your homeschool plans so you don't get tempted to sidetrack or doubt your plan. Thanks for sharing your insights.


A great post! The simpler, the better.
Thank you for your words.


As we enter into our major "clean sweep" of the house over the next 3 weeks, this is a very timely message for us. We tend to agonize over what to keep, how to keep it, store it, etc. Thanks for the great article.


Hello, I have been following you for a few years and never posted until now! This IS THE ONE THING I have felt tugging my heart these weeks. Trying to scurry to figure out a better plan, a better way to make a montessori activity etc... downloading worksheets, files and other great free resources on your and other blogs...in the mean time 2 weeks left of summer glory are wasting away!! THANK YOU THANK YOU for this important reminder. It doesn't need to be done by Sept 6th...but enjoying the days that we are all here together does!

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