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January 16, 2010


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Jennifer (Conversion Diary)

These were a fun read -- thanks for participating!

Let us know how it goes with #6. I'm still holding out, but they're wearing me down. :)

Have a great weekend!


Have you tried chocolate without artifical vanilla? Lindt usually has vanillin but maybe the dark choc doesn't. Ghiridelli's uses real vanilla. Many people are alergic to the vanillin and think it is the choc.
Here's hoping anyway.


It's actually the corn (syrup) that is the problem though it seems to be getting better. Most vanilla extracts have corn. Though like I said its improving so if there is no OTHER corn syrup in the item I seem to be able to have it. I test with trepidation, since I am not sure what will happen, but chocolate is a powerful motivator!


Virtual high five for you, Kim!

And I hear you on the facebook thing. I actually got an account because my PARENTS had accounts. I seriously check it only if I get an email that tells me something happened- like a message for me or something.


i with you on your last point about carpet - better the hardwood for sure!!

High five for your scary thing!! :)

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