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April 16, 2010


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What an informative 7 Quick Takes! I think I'll go read up on my follic acid. That's kind of scary.

Thank you for #3. My oldest is a rising 7th grader, and I have been thinking that I ought to start reading up and thinking about high school pretty soon - especially since I am used to not being required to show anyone any kind of paperwork of any kind (since my kids are dual citizens, the Japanese government totally leaves us alone). Thanks for the kick in the pants ;o).

Now, I have an autoimmune disease, too, and diet modification hasn't worked wonders for me as it has for some people I know. I will check out your links, though, because one never knows!

Mary Jean SL

This is a bit strange, since I don't know how many people actually have ankylosing spondylitis, but I also have a good friend here in SA who has it, and who also uses a low-starch diet to avoid prescription meds. It has worked wonders for her.

As for me, I haven't tried low-starch, but low sugar has made an unbelievable difference in my arthritis pain. Don't know if I could do low starch - not sure what I would have left to eat. :-(

Couldn't agree with you more about the paper trail. I was putting together a transcript for my grade-ten dd, and found it was very heavy on the arts electives, and full of gaping holes in science and history. Now we have a very, very tough summer ahead.


Mary Jean, I think the premise for the low starch is that starch=carbs=sugar. I didn't realize til I was pg last time that its really hard to get many carbs without starch. So its naturally low sugar/carb. But much more generous than Atkins. You can eat all the protein and produce (including most fruits) and dairy you want. Nuts, eggs, fish, meat, cheese,yogurt, fruit, vegs. Its basically the grains and potatoes and beans that go.


Oops should say that is the premise for using low starch diets for other disorders. For AS it really is because its a bacteria based syndrome and the particular bacteria feeds on starch. (though not sugar oddly)

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