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May 07, 2010


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We had a bird get in our house once.....a mockingbird. It came down the chimney and managed to get soot all over the place but once it cleaned itself off, it was beautiful. I got it outside only for it to get stuck in our screen covering the pool. I had to grab it with one hand and use my other hand to help get its talons out of the screen and then let it go outside. It was actually kindof a neat experience.

I love, Love, LOVE Lindt chocolate. Ah, best there is!


Cracking up-- at your kids setting off the alarm, and at your 4 minute jog. Not because I can jog longer than that, mind you. But just because I could so do that 4-minute stint with you. I might be gasping for air by the last stretch, though. :)

Happy weekend.


Nothing wrong with a 4 minute jog! Especially with a walk thrown in before or after. Lately, my doctor asks me if I have been exercising (I am due to have a baby in July.) I laugh and ask isn;t taking care of a 4 and 2 year old fitness regime enough?!

Susan L

I'm cracking up, too. At the missing food (here it would have been the chocolate, so, lucky you!). At the note on your steering wheel. At the car alarm(!). At the four-minute jog (go, Kim, go-- I'd happily start jogging if I could run with you). So funny. So real. So familiar. And I really got teary at the end of the post. Transitions are so hard. So jarring. Everything we know and have been for years is suddenly changing, and it's so hard to leave the place and the people we love, isn't it? Kim, I've been praying for you, even though I have been quiet lately. I am so glad you keep writing in this place.

My thoughts and prayers will stay with you as you make these changes. I know, I *know* that the Lord's plans for you are sooo good.

Take care,

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