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August 18, 2011


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Kim, I have 100 Easy Lessons. I bought it intending to use it to teach my children to read. They taught themselves and it's brand new sitting on the shelf. I'll send it to you free if you want it. :)


Lovely, peaceful, encouraging post! It is indeed a wonderful feeling to not be in 'curriculum frenzy' as we prepare for a new year, the blessing of being secure and at peace and comfortable in our own skin as long time homeschoolers.


Excellent and thoughtful post as always. As I sit here with a newborn, my 17 year old is busy writing essays for his college applications. It is amazing to think back to available home school resources then compared to phone book sized catalogs now. His homeschool journey has gone so well, I am committed to bringing that same education to my others. My only stumbles with him were "jumping on the bandwagon" so to speak when some latest and greatest homeschool item came out. This year, we are loving homeschool, loving Seton, and living life.

Wendy in VA

Lots of wisdom there. It is a relief to finally hop off the curriculum merry-go-round -- especially when you have a 17-year-old, a newborn, and several in between. :o)


Nice visiting with you Kim. My husband was just in Germany a few weeks ago and has to go back again two times before the year is out. I am due with number 10 in November and still thank God for reading your post on the Raspberry Leaf years ago as it really does work mixed in with a lot of prayer! :)
Have a great school year! It always feel nice to get the family back into the normal school year routines.


Hi, just wondering if you are going to use the same curriculum this coming year. I am loosing my mind over here on the internet. I want my kids to be well rounded, classical, more reading and literature approach, i want them to be all that those things promise. My husband is loosing his mind watching the price as we add more stuff, he would just want me to continue using Seton. I feel like maybe I am missing on some more fun and more character forming, soul moving books and ways of education...AAAAAA!!! Maybe if I use only living books, and this nad that my kids will grow to be better educated and more intelligent, better human beings moved by the beauty of those books instead of dry textbooks....I HAVE NO CLUE !!! Help!!!

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