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August 21, 2011


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Oh my! The bees! We believe my oldest is allergic to them after a mild reaction he had when he was stung as a toddler. So, all the stinging you are experiencing was an incredibly alarming thought. Even without allergies, sorry to hear you are getting stung left and right.

Seems the littlest creatures can really mess up some of the most beautiful weather days. That's true here with the mosquitoes - especially in our back yard due to lots of rain and a yard that floods. Unfortunately, the boys also seem to get a reaction from those- though not one that requires an epipen, thankfully.

Do you ever get used to sons in dangerous careers? I am thinking I may have at least one who may lead me to find out the answer to that.

And sibling love- there isn't much better than that!


Beautiful face painting. I have an envious 3-year-old girl looking with me. +JMJ+


Well, the very idea of matching my decor to my dishes is about as foreign to me as being a housewife anywhere but Japan. ;o) Don't see much of that here. Japanese love to mix and match. I have never seen anyone with all matching dishes - coordinated, yes, but not matching. Often a set of rice bowls or plates will even each have it's own pattern. When we first got married that idea was so strange to me, but after receiving numerous cup and saucer pairs as wedding gifts - each pair unique - I decided to go with the idea of variety!

My brother and sister-in-law lived in Poland for about ten years, and all of her dishes are Polish pottery. While I'm partial to the blue, I remember that she had lots of different colors. That may not be your style, but it's a thought.


Oh, and those painted faces absolutely made my day. Amazing painting on precious, smiling faces... I almost squealed with delight!

Kim @Starry Sky Ranch

No the dishes are all different patterns but all in the same cool color scheme - colbalt based. with greens. The rest of the large great room where the dining area is has been in reds and yellows. I had been going to pull in another red and yellow plaid for curtains and a table runner but its definitely not going to be pretty with the pottery. I am a confirmed mixer-upper but some things push that past coordination. : ) I have just never worked around blue as a major player before.

Kim @Starry Sky Ranch

should mention too the patterns in the room so far are yellow and red toile and English country florals. The Polish patterns are very primitive and stylistic.


Maybe a solid Fiestaware? If you are simply looking for sturdy, that'd do the trick and you wouldn't have the pattern quandry. I have broken some polish pottery but it is not easy to do unless you drop it on a tile floor. Or your mother does. Several times. Not that I'd know.

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