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March 02, 2016


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It's hard to believe you get four hamburger buns from those ingredients!


I know! I mixed it up in a large soup bowl. I considered doubling but it turned out to be unnecessary.

Lori B

Thank you so much for sharing this! I'd given up trying any recipes I found online because they were all flops, but I'm always happy to try one that others have had success with :)

Jennifer Gregory Miller

Thank you for being the Guinea pig! I get tired of failed recipes so I tend to just not try at all.

Andrea Wyckoff

I am so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Thanks so much for the link back!!

Andrea Wyckoff

One more note, I have had fun sharing all the different tahini hamburger bun images that have been made by others and I would love to include your photo too! Would you mind if I share you photo on my recipe post and link back to your page to credit you? Totally okay if not, just thought I'd ask!

Thanks again!


+ Dear Kim, I'm trying to go Paleo this summer, mostly for my husband, but need it to be simple, quick and family-friendly, because we're having baby #7 at the end of April. Any tips for where to start? Certain website(s), cookbook(s)?


Kimberly I started with this one and we have enjoyed everything we have made. I have a couple other favorites in the right sidebar. http://starryskyranch.typepad.com/starry_sky_ranch/2014/07/cooking-my-way-through-paleo-perfection.html


Tahini paste! That's a new one on me. We have a almond flour recipe that I've been using but I want to try this one.

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