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January 29, 2021


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That`s also one of my favorite reasons to read - to live through faraway adventures and situations and see the world and life through someone elses eyes. That makes life so much richer and more beautiful!
I`m afraid you`re right - with less and less reading and with less and less really good books and movies, our emotional intelligence and the ability to "feel, how it is to be in someone else`s shoes" is lacking more and more.

Also that`s one of the reasons, why we, as society, have less and less people who are ready to preserve through very difficult times, to keep on trying even when it feels hopeless, to stay on a good path even when it looks like the most stupid choice at the moment.
We need this perspective of others, who have done it and gone through it or worse, to trust that we also can. If we lack this - lack contact with elderly relatives, or in inspiring books - than we have much less resilience.

Very interesting perspective. Thank you!

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